Katherine Archuleta

“DURA has a tremendous toolbox for making sure we, as a city, are planning and growing thoughtfully,” said Archuleta. “I’m looking forward to bringing my experience to the table to support DURA’s commitment to encourage redevelopment that will make our communities safer and more productive.”

Archuleta is a founding partner of Dimension Strategies, specializing in strategic planning and community engagement with local, regional and national organizations and institutions.

Archuleta is a Denver native and began her career as a school teacher before transitioning to roles in local government for Denver Mayors Federico Peña and John Hickenlooper. She served in leadership roles at the Departments of Transportation and Energy in the Clinton Administration and was Chief of Staff to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis during the first two years of the Obama Administration. In 2011, she became the National Political Director for the Obama presidential campaign, and in 2013, was appointed by President Obama to be the first Latina to lead the US Office of Personnel Management and oversee human resource management for the entire federal government.

Most recently, Archuleta’s focus has been on diversity and inclusion, working to ensure that public policies and investment support opportunities for all Denver residents and take into account the social and cultural needs of the community, including affordable housing. Archuleta has been recognized nationally and locally for her dedication to supporting the role of women and Latinos in public and private sector leadership roles.

In addition to the DURA Board of Commissioners, Archuleta also serves on the University of Denver Board of Trustees and is the Chair of the Latino Leadership Institute.