Before starting a DIY project for home improvement, ask yourself these questions 

Do I have the tools?
When planning a project, it is important to have the correct tools easily accessible. Buying, renting or borrowing, it is important to know where you are getting these ahead of time.

Is this project safely within my skill set?
A good example of this is an electrical fix. Your safety is of the utmost importance!

Do I have the time? Can I complete the project within a reasonable timeframe?
Make sure to see how much time a project might take. You should give yourself two extra weeks in case of delays.

Has someone you know completed a similar project?
Ask around for advice! Maybe your in-laws, friends or neighbors have completed a similar project.

Is this project realistic?
While a project may seem straightforward at first, it can get complicated quickly. Do you have extra funds just in case? Did you do enough research? Do I have the tools