Myron was moving along in life, making ends meet sometimes and sometimes not as much.  The City of Denver came to his area and did a sewer scope and discovered he had a broken sewer line that connects to the main line that had to be fixed right away.  A man from the city gave Myron DURA’s information.  He came to the DURA office and was able to connect with Joe, who was unbelievably helpful and fully explained the process.  Joe soon helped Myron get several contractor quotes. The contractor chosen explained everything and made the fix with the least amount of damage to their yard as possible.  Myron prides himself on not taking advantage of the system but rather leaving services for those who really need it.  But he also realizes now that he did need DURA’s help, and so this assistance was invaluable.

“This (EHR) is a service that is needed. My daughter had cancer and our funds were depleted so DURA stepped in at the right moment; when we needed the service the most.”