Home Improvement Made Easy: Covering Ceiling Stains

TIME: 1-2 hours

COST: $15-$30


Whether you live in a house or apartment, ceiling water stains are a common problem — usually caused by roof or plumbing leaks. To cover a leak stain, follow these steps:
  1. Find the cause.
    Before you cover the stain, you need to identify why the leak occurred. Repair the problem to prevent future leaks and resulting damage.
  2. Assemble supplies.
    You’ll need a few supplies before you begin.

    • Paint — Purchase a spray can of stain blocking primer or sealer. You should be able to find these at most home improvement or paint supply stores. When purchasing, try to match the primer with the color of your ceiling.
    • Tape — Buy some painter’s tape, in case the stain is in a corner or touches the vertical wall
  3. Clean the area.
    Remove any dust, dirt or chipping paint.
  4. Begin coating.
    If necessary, tape the edges or trim you need to protect. Apply a light coat of the blocking primer to cover the stain. If the primer doesn’t match the color of the ceiling, you may need to consider touching up the area with regular paint, or maybe repaint the entire ceiling once the primer has dried.

That’s it! We know you can do it. Oh, and there’s a step #5 — sit back and enjoy your handiwork.