In partnership with Denver Water, this pilot program helps homeowners reduce their risk of lead exposure and offers the following opportunities:


Loans for non-copper service line replacement.
Using a filter, running the faucet for a couple of minutes before using water, and cleaning faucet aerators can reduce lead in water. But if you have a non-copper service line, the best action is to replace that line.

DURA provides eligible property owners zero- to two-percent (0-2%) interest loans based on income, then oversees contractors’ work. Loans have repayment periods of 5 to 15 years. Qualification is based on income and applies to residents of the City and County of Denver and Denver Water Total Service contract recipients.

To learn more, talk to one of our program specialists at (303) 534-3872, or fill out an online form here.


Free water quality testing.
Request a lead test, and Denver Water will send you a kit. 303-893-2444

Help learning the likelihood your line is not made of copper.
Denver Water does not have records on your service line material, because property owners own the lines. But if your home was built, and water tap installed before 1951, the line likely contains lead. For help finding these dates, call 303-893-2444.

Non-Copper Service Line Program Gallery

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