General Information

Developers interested in learning more about DURA’s redevelopment process and ways in which DURA can assist with the redevelopment of blighted properties in Denver should start with the About Redevelopment page of this website.


Developers interested in applying for TIF assistance

Developer Submittal Requirements

Developers or contractors interested in current redevelopment opportunities 

Visit the RFP / Procurement page of this website.

Developers seeking additional assistance

Contact DURA’s Redevelopment Department by calling 303-534-3872.

All redevelopment projects that receive assistance from DURA must comply with a number of DURA policies designed to further DURA’s mission to create and maintain safe, prosperous, and healthy Denver neighborhoods. More information can be found by downloading and reviewing the policies themselves:

Utilization of Small Business Enterprises
First Source Hiring
Construction Employment Opportunities
Payment of Prevailing Wages
Project Art