First Source Hiring

In connection with DURA’s primary goal of undertaking urban renewal projects to revitalize the city and foster sound growth and development, DURA’s First Source Hiring Policy is intended to provide preferential opportunities for employment and training of low-income Denver residents.  DURA’s First Source Hiring policy requires developers whose projects are financed in whole or in part with TIF to require their contractors and any subsequent commercial tenants to make job postings available to low income Denver residents before posting to the general public for a period of at least 10 years.

Denver residents who would like to register for hiring opportunities through First Source can do so at www.connectingcolorado.com.

Denver Housing Authority (DHA), who serves as the First Source Program Coordinator for DURA, recruits candidates for DURA project jobs through three sources, including: (1) a database of job seekers maintained by DHA who can be matched with open positions at DURA redevelopment projects, (2) through the Connecting Colorado website, and (3) through community-based organizations on a DURA-approved list. DHA also works with the redeveloper and their tenants to determine hiring needs and potential training and job fair coordination, as well as providing supportive services for candidates.

First Source Hiring Policy

Small Business Enterprise Policy

Developers whose projects are financed in whole or in part with tax increment financing (TIF) are required to comply with DURA’s Small Business Enterprise (SBE) policy.  This policy requires developers to hire a pre-set minimum percentage of SBE-certified contractors for the redevelopment project.  Currently active redevelopment projects which might have open SBE contracting opportunities are listed below.

Project – Stapleton
Developer – Forest City Stapleton

Project – 9th & Colorado
Developer – Continuum Partners, LLC

Project – Union Station Parking Garage
Developer – Continuum Partners, LLC

Project – St. Anthony’s Block 7 East – LCP
Developer – Littleton Capital Partners

Project – St. Anthony’s Block 7 West – Alamo
Developer – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Project – 2460 Welton Street
Developer – 2460 Welton St., LLC

Project – 2801 Welton Street
Developer – SMP 2801 Welton LLC

Project – Downtown Projects
Developer – City and County of Denver

Project – Terraza del Sol
Developer – Gorman & Company

Project – The Source Hotel
Developer – 3330 Brighton Blvd LLC

Small Business Enterprise Policy

Each developer is required to have an approved SBE plan prior to execution of a redevelopment agreement.

Construction Employment Opportunities

DURA’s Construction Employment Opportunities (CEO) (formerly the Enhanced Training Opportunity) program requires redevelopers to contribute funds to DURA to deploy for construction training programs. A contribution of 1% of DURA’s financial obligation toward each redevelopment project must be paid to DURA. The goal of the CEO program is to improve access to training within the construction trades and increase individuals’ opportunity for advancement within Denver’s construction industry.  The program’s outcomes are focused into three categories: (1) building skills for individuals new to construction, (2) building skills for individuals employed in construction, and (3) building construction-related businesses.

Periodically, DURA will issue a Notice of Funding Availability to deploy CEO funds to training providers through a competitive bidding process.

Construction Employment Opportunities Policy

Project Art

DURA’s Project Art policy requires all redevelopment projects receiving TIF funds to dedicate 1% of DURA’s financial obligation toward each redevelopment project for artwork installed onsite. The value of the artwork determines the method of approval by DURA. For projects with an art budget less than $50,000, DURA’s art review staff will approve the artwork. If the budget is between $50,000 and $100,000, DURA’s art review staff must make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners for approval of the project’s artwork. For a budget over $100,000, an art committee will be formed to evaluate potential artwork and present a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners for final approval.

Project Art Policy