There are three areas of procurement for which DURA solicits competitive bids: procurement of administrative goods and services for the agency, solicitation of pre-qualified contractors to bid on construction services for DURA’s Housing programs, and solicitation of consultants and developers in association with DURA Redevelopment projects.

To learn more about DURA’s program activities, go to the Housing and Redevelopment sections of this website. Information on current DURA procurement opportunities is listed below.

Procurement of Administrative Goods and Services

DURA is committed to open and full competition in the procurement of goods and services; to assuring that goods and services are procured efficiently, effectively and at the most favorable prices available; to providing guidelines and procedures for utilizing and maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity; and to assuring that all procurement actions are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. In addition, DURA is committed to promoting procurement opportunities utilizing minority and women owned business enterprises (MBE/WBE) and small business enterprises (SBE).

On an as needed basis, the Authority solicits services from consultants and developers in association with Redevelopment projects. In these cases, the Authority advertises in local publications and any relevant publications deemed desirable by the Authority to affect MBE/WBE/SBE participation.

Pre-qualified Contractors for DURA’s Housing programs

On an on-going basis, DURA’s Housing Rehabilitation programs invite eligible contractors to be pre-qualified to bid on construction contracts during the current program year. Periodically, the Authority advertises in a local publication and any relevant outlets deemed desirable by the Authority to solicit qualified contractors and to encourage MBE/WBE/SBE participation in the Authority’s housing programs. The qualified contractor list is updated as often as new qualified contractors are accepted for inclusion.

For a list of current contractors for DURA’s housing rehabilitation programs, please contact DURA at (303) 534-3872.

Current Requests for Proposals

Financial Operations

The Authority is requesting proposals for a financial operations assessment that will provide the Authority’s management team with an evaluation of and recommendations for an improved, comprehensive, fully-integrated solution that addresses coordination with internal departmental programs, accounting, payroll, time management and reporting systems, as well as external financial banking systems.  Proposals are due to the Authority no later than 12pm on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, via electronic submission. See below for additional schedule details and a link to download the RFP in full.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a mandatory meeting for all bidders Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 1pm-3pm. Please see additional details and instructions

Click HERE to download the Financial Operations Assessment RFP.


To further assist with scoping for the assessment, please provide:

Listing of in-scope processes/sub-processes:

Below is a list of the processes discussed at the mandatory meeting:

  1. Peachtree – Three (3) Major Governmental Funds (General, Capital Project and Debt Service Funds), One (1) Major Proprietary Fund (Enterprise Fund) for federal loan programs and a (Fiduciary Fund) for pass-through of TIF to Metropolitan Districts. Monthly DURA Transaction Accounting Housing Program Activity Bi-Monthly Payroll Financial Statements Performance Measuring and Analysis
  2. Monthly Board Reporting (Dashboard)
  3. Budgeting
  4. On-Line Banking
  5. Redevelopment Program Activity
  6. Monthly TIF Receipts and Payments

Number and names of systems relevant for the assessment

Below is a list of the systems discussed at the mandatory meeting:

  1. Monthly DURA Transaction Accounting – Peachtree
  2. Monthly TIF Receipts and Payments – Peachtree and Excel
  3. Housing Program Activity –Servicer, Microsoft CRM and Access Databases and Excel
  4. Redevelopment Program Activity – Excel
  5. Bi-Monthly Payroll – ADP, Peachtree and Excel
  6. On-Line Banking
  7. Financial Statements – Excel
  8. Budgeting – Excel
  9. Performance Measuring and Analysis – Excel
  10. Monthly Board Reporting – Excel – PowerPoint

Number of key controls identified and tested in 2016, if applicable – BKD, LLC, DURA’s independent auditor, tests key controls annually across the Authority. Please refer to the Authority’s 2016 Audited Financials on our DURA website for additional information.


Section 3 mentions an evaluation of the utilization of Peachtree accounting system. What are pain points with the current Peachtree system?  What are the business requirements for the future-state/optimal accounting system?

The following answer addresses both a & b above. Any pain points experienced with the Peachtree System have led to the need for future business requirements:

  1. System integration across the Authority
  2. Efficient and effective use of industry best practices.
  3. Assurance of appropriate controls and compliance.
  4. Useful, timely and accurate financial reporting for oversight and decision making
  5. Optimum financial management performance

Does the company maintain documented flowcharts/narratives for the relevant business and IT processes? YES, the appropriate documentation will be provided to the selected firm.

Are there any locations other than DURA office located at 1555 California Street, where work would be performed? NO If so, please provide listing of additional locations.

What is the anticipated contract period for selected vendor(s)? The contract period will be determined considering the plans and recommendations presented in the selected firm’s RFP response.

Is the current control framework Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commissions (COSO) 2013? YES, please refer to the link above to DURA’s 2016 Audited Financials for additional information.

Is DURA comfortable with the use of offshore resources in addition to the core local team? It is DURA’s strong preference to work with the core local team; but, listing those resources as a part of your offering in your response and including the justification for the use of offshore resources is recommended.

Could you please confirm whether this project will be mandated by government standards or policies? If so, which standards and policies are applicable? No, the undertaking of this project is not mandated by government standards or policies. DURA’s accounting policies conform with generally accepted accounting principles as applicable to governments.

Your team had mentioned that you would like to represent your loan balances from a financial versus a managerial standpoint. Could you please elaborate on what specifically you would like to see in each of these views? We expect this to be addressed as part of the assessment and evaluation of the Authority’s financial systems and Housing databases.

Could you please give us an idea on what the return on investment is for your loans? What percent do you usually receive back? How often do your customers default on their loans? Based on the Scope of Services, we do not believe this is applicable to the work included in the assessment.

Are there any privacy or security issues we should be aware of for dealing with confidential client information? While there are no security or privacy concerns currently, DURA is always looking to use current best practices in protecting the information stored in our systems. Our existing systems do include confidential client information.

Is your financial information (primarily that from Peachtree) retained at an on-site or outsourced data center? On-site

RFP Issued July 31, 2017
Mandatory Meeting for All Bidders August 9, 2017 at 1pm-3pm
Submission of questions & clarifications August 16, 2017 at 12:00pm
Proposals must be submitted August 23, 2017 by 12:00pm
Oral Interviews Week of September 4, 2017
Final Selection & Begin Contract Development Week of September 11, 2017
Contract Approval by Board of Commissioners September 21, 2017
Contract Begins September 25, 2017

Current Notices of Funding Availability

Services or Activities in the Program Areas of Building Construction Employment Opportunities

The deadline for submission has passed. No more submissions will be accepted at this time. Please visit our page in the future for additional opportunities.