September Home Projects

Fall is here! September is the best month to begin or finish up last-minute warm weather projects and prepare your house for the coming winter months. Here are some home projects to take care of during the month of September:

– Reverse ceiling fans. Fans move counterclockwise in the summer, pushing the air down to help you cool down. Reverse fan blades to turn clockwise so cool air is circulated upward, keeping the warm air down.

– Buy new appliances. If you need new home appliances such as a stove or dishwasher, September is the best time to buy because manufacturers tend to release new models this time of year.

– Organize your garage and/or shed. Summer months can be filled with vacations, sports and gardening – often turning your garage and shed upside-down. Set aside some time to clean out and organize this space. It’s also a good idea to hold a yard sale, and maybe get some neighbors in on it, too.

– Inspect your furnace. While you can clean out dust, change the filter and check the pilot light by yourself, it’s in your best interest to call a professional to check your furnace ahead of wintertime. They will also check for health hazards, inspect the cord connections and clean everything, which will help extend the life of your system.

– Examine your roof. Check your roof for shingle damage, signs of a leak and the state of the rubber boots around vent pipes before a harsh snow storm could hit. You or a professional could also clean out your gutters.

– Check insulation and seal attic. Review the weather-stripping around windows, doors and garage doors. Narrow openings in attics where light is shining through are air leak indicators (and invite pests into your home). Seal off any openings with foam insulation, but don’t try to close off attic vents because those help filter humid air.

– Clean outdoor appliances. Clear out and cover your outdoor air conditioning unit to help protect it from snow and rain (this doesn’t apply to heat pump models because they’re designed to switch to a heating mode for winter and can’t be covered). Clean up gardening and lawn tools so they don’t continue to collect grime and gunk during winter. Don’t forget to turn off the gas, clean and cover your outdoor grill.  

Adapted from Thumbtack.com and Familyhandyman.com